Idevio and Ericsson Maps featured in Space News

From the article “Google Earth & Bing Maps Spanning the Virtual Globe” in Space News vol 20 issue 41, dated October, 19th 2009:

Debra Werner writes: “Mobile phone users also have another option. Sony Ericsson Labs, the program development arm of LondonStockholm-based Sony Ericsson, is beginning to offer a new mapping product for mobile phones and Web browsers. With the help of a map engine created by Swedish software developer Idevio, Ericsson Maps is hoping to overtake competitors like Google and Microsoft by offering streaming maps, according to Idevio Chief Executive Patric Nordström. “Google and Microsoft are using an old technique where maps are transferred as images,” Nordström wrote in an e-mail. “Ericsson Web Maps uses a patented technology to stream and compress the map data. It is similar to how sound and video are Technology for Better Service streamed over the Internet.” The result for the end users is faster access to imagery and a seamless experience when zooming in or panning across an image, according to Nordström. What is more, the high compression of the technology means less data is transferred, which lowers to cost of the data traffic, he added.”

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