Kartena and Idevio deploy a mobile Android app for Hemglass/Hjem-IS/Nestlé

HemglassProbably everybody recognizes the tune of the Hemglass ice-cream vans. Kartena, a company which specializes with in geographical IT, have used Idevio’s map technology to create a mobile app, that helps the Hemglass sales force to navigate through their routes. The application is build on Google operating system Android, is easy to operate and understand. The app is expected to give new Hemglass salesmen a better tool to learn their tours, this improves the accuracy in their tours which drives sales from day one.
“We work with Idevio’s RaveGeo map technology since many years, and we are happy that our succesful cooperation now gives rise to Kartena’s first mobile Android app”, says Rikard Linneroth, CEO Kartena.
Hemglass is the Swedish brand for the ice-cream producer Hjem-IS Europa A/S, a subsidiary of Nestlé since 2002. Picture from 
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