Locago is the only initiative worth mentioning

The Swedish media magazine Fokus writes about the lack of open API’s at the Swedish authorities. Locago, which uses the open API from the Swedish National Heritage Board, is listed as the only positive initiative. Fornminnen150px

Rating for the best ambition goes to the National Heritage Board. They have a database of 1.99 million points of interest that are accessible via an open API. When the company Locago (Idevio:editor’s note) wanted to build a service that helped identify the ancient remains using the cell phone they could use the database directly. It took about an hour for the National Heritage Board to assist, then Locago could solve everything. Without additional cost to the Authority are now 700 000 ancient sites available for most mobile phones. As the National Heritage Board, type in a newsletter: “It was a nice spin.”

Read the whole article in Swedish: Det slutna Myndighetssverige
In English (auto translated Google translate): The authority closed Sweden

Locago, owned and developed by Idevio, is a mobile platform that utilizes the map for displaying third-party content.

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