Patric Nordström speaks at the Mobile Revolution 2011

From 0 to 8M users – What was right and what was wrong. Mobilrevolutionen200px

Patric Nordström, CEO and founder of Idevio, will give a speach at Reality check of the mobile market: ‘Mobilrevolutionen’, where mobile trends, possibilities and future will be debated. Patric will share his experiences from product and business development of Idevio’s mobile local search app Locago, at a market which did not exist.

The idea of creating a mobile map application was born in 2006, long before app stores, iPhones and Android. In mid 2008 Locago was launched as one of the first mobile map applications ever. Today Locago has passed 8 million users world wide, and distributed by Ovi store it has become a Nokia Publisher Success.

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