A Geocoding service for the entire world

In a world of global business it is important to know where your customers, assets or potential clients are located. An adequate geocoding service has long been desired by businesses and organizations. With geocoding you pinpoint your assets at a map and wash the addresses by detecting incorrect addresses.
Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates (lat/long) from other geographic data, such as streets, or zip codes. Reverse geocoding is the opposite, finding associated textual locations from coordinates.
Idevio’s Geocoding service offers flexibility and easiness for inserted data, with free format support and high tolerance to spelling errors, performing forward or reverse geocoding. By using high qualitative map data from TomTom or Here, we can guarantee accurate matches for locations all over the world.
Depending on volume and recurrence in your geocoding, you chose between a web service or batch geocoding.


Idevio-Metria Geocoding service (for Sweden)

Together with Metria, Idevio has developed a qualified geocoding service that matches, washes and transforms addresses into coordinates and vice verse.

This cloud service is operated by Metria, taking advantage of Metria’s extended knowledge of data management. The underlying technology of the service is powered by the Idevio Geocode Server, with free format support and high tolerance to spelling errors. Qualitative map data from Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority, is used as background source.

For more information please contact Idevio.