Idevio Geofence Toolkit is a high performance geofence engine that generates events based on configured conditions and vehicle positions.

Typical use cases where geofences can solve the problem:

  • When a truck comes within 1km from the delivery place, an SMS should be sent to the receiver.
  • When the high security truck deviates with more than 400m from the planned route the dispatcher should be notified.
  • If a container is moved from its storage more than 100m the owner should be notified.
  • If a truck stops in the insecure area for more than 5 minutes an alarm should be triggered.


Some of the features in the Idevio Geofence Toolkit:

  • Many different shape triggering conditions, like passing in, passing out, crossing, remaining, inside, outside etc.
  • Many different shapes (circles, polygons, buffer zones, lines etc) that also can be combined to form complex areas.
  • Time and calendar dependent conditions
  • Extensible with custom conditions and vehicle parameters
  • Serialization support
  • In memory architecture, optimized for large fleets


The Idevio Geofence Toolkit is delivered as a Java library that can be integrated in your server software.

For more information please contact Idevio.