Map Tiles


One of the ways to consume Idevio maps is by using the map tiles. Both traditional raster tiles and vector tiles are available. Idevio handles the entire process from raw map data sources from various map data suppliers to ready to use maps. The processing steps includes selection of data, quality checks, generalization, multi-resolution generation, styling and distribution. Idevio have expertise and efficient routines in place for all the stages in the process.

The tiles are rendered and served by the Idevio Server, hosted at or optionally at customer locations.

Idevio produces map tiles from from several sources including:

  • OpenStreetmap
  • TomTom
  • Here
  • Lantmäteriet


Tiles are produced in different styles and can be used in various software such as Idevio WebMap5, Open Layers and Leaflet. The vector tiles require Idevio WebMap5.

If you are interested, please contact Idevio.