Map Matching

Map Matching is a technique where information connected to roads can be picked up based on an imperfect GPS signal.

The position is matched with a road network and moved to the most likely road. Idevio Map Matching uses several parameters to decide which road is most likely, including the coordinate, speed, direction and history. This avoids snapping positions to unlikely roads even if it is they are closest.
Idevio MapMatching includes advanced features for travel prediction, road data streaming and compressed local storage.


A track that is improved with Idevio Map Matching. The red pluses are coordinates from the sensor and the green ones are the corrected ones.

Use Idevio Map Matching for:

  • Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) – Pick up the current speed limit of the road and take actions if exceeded
  • Post analysis of tracks
  • In vehicle warning systems
  • Improving visual display of track on map



Example of application that uses Idevio MapMatching for safety warnings in a vehicle.

Idevio Map Matching is based on RaveGeo which makes it possible to choose between storing compressed data locally or streaming when needed. It is also possible with a cached combination which only streams data for roads not yet traveled. The data handling is extremely efficient, the entire road network of Sweden only weighs in at 55MB and streaming requires very low bandwidth.

The latest added feature is travel prediction which makes it possible to warn for things ahead such as:

  • Upcoming speed changes
  • Obstacles
  • Sharp bends

Idevio Map Matching (aka the Position Enhancer) is delivered as a Java library that can be integrated either at the client side or in the server. Also Android clients are supported. Contact us for other platforms and more information.

For more information please contact Idevio.