Mapping, tracking and routing for all your assets

    Idevio has the platform for easy integration of all the Location Based Services needed. Whether for internal hosting or in the cloud, RaveGeo delivers with no need for third party software. Idevio takes care of handling the whole process from map data preparation and licensing, with data from OpenStreetMap, HERE and TomTom among others, to delivering the right services to your customers. Map matching with prediction assists the driver in order to avoid over speeding, keeping track of all signs, alerting for weather, slippery road, congestions, traffic incidents and also give a predictive view of the coming road ahead. Idevio develops and markets this under the trademark WayAhead.


Geofencing for sophisticated backend services

    Idevio delivers geofencing to both the truck as well as automotive OEMs. The key benefits are robust handling of large number of vehicles with numerous conditions. Feed the geofence engine with routes, addresses, any shape and you will have your secure transport-, anti-theft-, delivery alert-, or automatic invoicing solution. Included in the geofence service is also worldwide predefined geographical areas such as country borders, states, municipalities, environmental zones based on global map sources such as HERE, TomTom and OpenStreetMap. With the Idevio Geofence Toolkit no fence in time or space is too small or big!


Idevio is also a preferred HERE and TomTom partner and resells the platform and turnkey navigation.