Security with strong references

    For many years Idevio have distributed map technology and other services to the defense organisation in several countries. Since 2002 Idevio’s map solutions are in daily use in the majority of the command and control systems within the Swedish Armed Forces.


High performance

    Thanks to scalability and flexibility, the Idevio map technology has proven itself as the tool for speeding up systems and rationalizing the distribution of map data in a very cost-effective way. During the last years Idevio have been internationally recognized with many foreign and global actors relying on the RaveGeo technology. The map solutions from Idevio bring speed and value to complex command and control systems, as well as a range of hand-held devices.


The main reason for using RaveGeo is the speed and compression gains, meaning that geographic information with more coverage and higher resolution can be used” says Mj Johan Jakobsson at UndSäkC.