Geospatial services dedicated to Logistics

    Idevio provides the tools and services for TMS, FMS and target software vendors or customer with their own systems. This icludes services such as mapping, tracking and routing for all your assets. We have the platform for easy integration of all the Location Based Services needed. Whether for internal hosting or in the cloud RaveGeo delivers with no need for third party software. We also take care of handling the whole process from map data preparation and licensing to delivering the right services to your customers.


Fleet Management

    Fleet management is a growing market with a strong need for maps, both for usage at the office and out in the field. Typically these professionals have higher requirements than what an ordinary map components provider can supply. Indeed, the field worker needs rapid maps with good coverage and the office users don’t have time to wait around for the map to load. PocketMobile, ThalesAleniaSpace and Ericsson to mention a few, use our map solutions for heavy fleet management applications with tens of thousands of assets. Professional organizations often have a strong demand to control their own environment, Idevio solutions are flexible and can be hosted by the end client, the system integrator or by Idevio. You decide what setup suits your specific case.


Geofencing for sophisticated backend services

    Geofencing for the masses or for sophisticated backend services. Idevio delivers geofencing to both the driver as well as for the backend system. The key benefits are robust handling of large number of vehicles with numerous conditions. Included in the geofence service is also worldwide predefined geographical areas such as country borders, states, municipalities, environmental zones based on global map sources such as HERE, TomTom and OpenStreetMap. With the Idevio Geofence Toolkit no fence in time or space is too small or big.


Idevio is also a preferred HERE and TomTom partner and resells the HERE.com platform and turnkey navigation.